In this chapter, Mr. Brady discusses some of the licensing issues posed by having one eye. Most importantly, he addresses the common question: "Will I be allowed to drive?"

"However, much has been done in recent years to bring state regulations into line with nationally recommended vision standards for drivers, and today all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia license one eyed drivers who pass their visual tests." (pg. 107)

"The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and the American Optometric Association in a jointly published booklet on visual screening for driver licensing, remark that 'most drivers are anxious to retain driving privileges and as a result they learn to compensate for deficiencies.'" (pg. 111)

Chapter 1. An Unhappy Landing
Chapter 2. An Awkward Takeoff

Chapter 3. Jolts of Reality
Chapter 4. Flying High
Chapter 5. How About You?
Chapter 6. Seeing in 3-D—How It Works
Chapter 7. What Has Changed?
Chapter 8. Getting Back to 3-D
Chapter 9. Avoiding Problems and Possible Mistakes
Chapter 10. In the Driver’s Seat
Chapter 11. The Active Life
Chapter 12. Let Technology Help
Chapter 13. Keeping the Good Eye Good
Chapter 14. Seeing to Your Looks
Chapter 15. Eye-making (Ocularistry)
Chapter 16. Driving and Piloting Licenses
Chapter 17. For Parents Only
Chapter 18. Senior Class
Chapter 19. In Good Company