International Testimonials


From OPTOMETRY TODAY, Opthalmic Optical Quarterly Journal of India, March 2008:

A Singular View: The Art of Seeing with One Eye by Frank B. Brady. Published by Michael O. Hughes, 307B Maple Avenue West, Vienna, Virginia 22180-4307, USA. 6th edition 2004, pp 129, soft-cover.

Losing an eye is tragic and is often accompanied by depression . . . but with professional help one can still recover and lead a fuller life by adjusting to monocular vision.

The book, printed in larger than the normal type size, tells of the mood of the sufferer; describes the practical realities one faces with lacking stereopsis, depth perception, judgment of distances, and reduced field of vision; and beautifully tackles the question of getting back to ‘normalcy’ and thereby leading an active life.

Although the book is primarily meant for patients who need to deal with the loss of one eye, it’s equally an excellent work for eye care professionals to guide their patients in coping with the problems that occur during daily living with monocular vision…and help them with added professional help with technological gadgets and ocularistry.

Without doubt, an exceptionally good work and a highly recommended book for every library, lay as well as professional!

Narendra Kumar, BAMS, DROpt, PGCR