"Frank Brady’s book, A SingularView, pointed out various things that I was not aware of . . . even being monocular myself!”
—Dr. Julius Axelrod, Nobel Prize recipient
"The book, A Singular View, has been a valuable tool for both myself and the patients I work with during their transition. It is a great reference and a delightful read.”
—Jonni Thoma, R.N., B.S.N.,
Coordinator COMS
(Collarborative Ocular Melanoma Study)

"This book is written as a manual for the ‘newly one-eyed’ and addresses the problems that occur during daily living with monocular living.”
American Medical Journal

"I take this opportunity of thanking you for the avice given in your book, A Singular View.”
—David Evans, Brownhills, England

"I learned a great deal about the vision loss my daughter experienced.”
—M. O’Neill, Richmond, Virginia

"As a pilot with the Baltimore City Police Helicopter Unit, I found the book, A Singular View, very interesting and informative in dealing with my recent vision loss.”
—K.P., Baltimore, Maryland

"Our entire familly has found the book, A Singular View, to be very helpful regarding Mother’s recent surgery.”
—J. Saunders, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Thank you for providing this book for my resources.”
—Lydia Bardak,
The Canadian National Institute for the Blind

"I first ran across the book, A Singular View, when I was a fellow at the University of Iowa and feel that it makes a wonderful resource for patients who need to deal with the loss of one eye.”
—Sean Donahue, M.D., Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology,
Pediatrics Neurology,
Vanderbilt University

"In your book, A Singular View, I noticed an excellent diagram illustrating how to determine curb depth (page 55) which we would like to include in our curriculum.”
—Betsy O’Donnell
Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Pennsylvania College of Optometry
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The three patients who (within the last six months) have had an enucleation for ocular melanoma have appreciated the hints and explanations included in your text. Thanks for having written such a helpful tool!”
—Mary Pat Manning, R.N.
St. Francis Memorial Hospital
San Francisco, California

"We at the University of Iowa Health Care Ophthalmology Clinic have found the book very helpful for use with monocular patients. I would have given the book a five star rating before the latest revision. The new, sixth edition is even better! The book continues to maintain its common sense-real life approach.”
—Pat Koffron, R.N.
University of Iowa Health Care
Iowa City, Iowa

"In 1994, my then nine-year-old daughter lost her right eye to retinopathy of prematurity. At that time, email and remote database access stood poised in the wings, moments away from surging into businesses and households everywhere. Had the technology been available back then, I would have quickly gone online to learn everything I possibly could about how to help my little girl navigate the difficult journey ahead. But in 1994, my only source of practical information came from the fifth edition of Frank B. Brady’s A Singular View. I mention this because ten years later, the sixth edition of Brady’s book is now in print and I continue to rely o this writer’s wise counsel. I have found nothing on the Internet, or anywhere else for that matter, that is as practical and down-to earth as this book for those with monocular vision and the people upon whom they rely to understand and encourage their unlimited possibilities. Writing clearly and to the point, Brady empathizes with his readers because he knows from experience that losing an eye is a seminal event. But he balances the importance of this loss with a believable you-can-do-this attitude. As a parent, I am grateful for Brady’s gentle encouragement; for my daughter, this book has set her free.”
—Nan Nelson
Bethesda, Maryland