Mr. Brady evaluates much of the available eyewear and other gadgets which help the monocular individual. He also offers some tricks for emergency situations.

"Ever get caught in front of a telephone book with no glasses to keep the print from blurring? Here's an emergency measure I picked up somewhere--and have often been thankful ever since.
Take a small piece of cardboard or paper--a calling card is fine--and punch a tiny hole in it with a pin or a bent paper clip (the lead in an automatic lead pencil will also do nicely). Now place your eye against the hole, hold the small print about six inches from your eye--and read. What you've got is a lens that operates on the same principle as Grandfather's pinhole camera. You may not want to read Gone With the Wind this way, but it works in an emergency." (pg. 83)

Chapter 1. An Unhappy Landing
Chapter 2. An Awkward Takeoff

Chapter 3. Jolts of Reality
Chapter 4. Flying High
Chapter 5. How About You?
Chapter 6. Seeing in 3-D—How It Works
Chapter 7. What Has Changed?
Chapter 8. Getting Back to 3-D
Chapter 9. Avoiding Problems and Possible Mistakes
Chapter 10. In the Driver’s Seat
Chapter 11. The Active Life
Chapter 12. Let Technology Help
Chapter 13. Keeping the Good Eye Good
Chapter 14. Seeing to Your Looks
Chapter 15. Eye-making (Ocularistry)
Chapter 16. Driving and Piloting Licenses
Chapter 17. For Parents Only
Chapter 18. Senior Class
Chapter 19. In Good Company